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International Trade Finance

In the era of globalization, companies capitalize on the flatter world to expand their business network. With the proliferation of information technologies, logistics and supply chains services, companies are able to gain access to worldwide supplies of goods and services, and take advantage of various competitive advantages.

While being involved in international wholesale trading carries substantial risks, we understand cost-efficiency and responsiveness to trade cycles can help you outperform in your market. Whether you are an importer or exporter, you will be pleased to know that our consultants are well-trained trade finance specialists. At Master Tactic, we help you to identify ways to save costs. We will demonstrate to you ways to exploit advantages of trade facilities and significantly, you will be ably assisted by our consultants to help you identify the risks surrounding international trade.

Master Tactic's consultants have successfully arranged more than SGD 200 million of trade facilities to our valued clients. Whether you are looking for small business trade facility in the range of less than SGD 100,000, or exploring the possibilities of structuring complex trade facilities for your international trade requirements, rest assured that our trade specialists are competent to structure the deal on your behalf.

We have wide network of Trade Finance resources across South East Asia, China, India, Middle East, Europe, North America and Africa. Our consultants will not only help you in your trade finance deal structuring, you will be able to get specialized guidance afterwards on how to capitalize on the tools. Talk to us now, let us be your partner in securing the most ideal deal for your company. You will be amazed by the amount of savings you will be able to discover.


Import Services

- Import Letter of Credits
- Import Invoice Finance
- Trust Receipt
- Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS)
- Shipping Guarantees
- Overdraft
- Short Term Loans

Export Services

- Financing of Open Account Trade Transactions
- Trade Bill Discounting
- Export Invoice Finance
- Transferrable Letter of Credit
- Export Letter Of Credit Negotiation
- Loan Insurance Scheme (LIS) - Pre-Export Financing
- Back to Back Trade Structure

Key differences between Master Tactic's approach vis-à-vis others:

Innovative – At Master Tactic, our consultants are well trained, highly experienced trade specialists who have wealth of experience in helping our clients securing the best possible trade deals for their companies.

Highly competent - Master Tactic has extensive experience across the full range of topics facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase its cost efficiency. We will not only secure the deal for you, but also go extra mile to guide you through ways to exploit the advantage of trade facilities secured.

Cost efficiency - The most expensive advises are those who do not understand how your business works. Or worse, implementing what you do not require, which in turn fulfills their individual objective instead. At Master Tactic, involving us in your trade deal structuring does not only make you save your valuable resources, you can rest assure that the deal is the most customized solution available for your business. Explain once to us and you may leave the remaining work to us while you concentrate on your business operations.

Cross Border capabilities - At Master Tactic, we believe in globalization. That is the reason why our consultants are those who have regional exposure, with diverse geographical background. We believe in providing leveraging platforms to your company by linking you to our global partners from South East Asia, China, India, North America, Europe, Middle East to Africa. Engage us to explore our seamless services that might surprise you.

Take ownership - At Master Tactic, our consultants are trained to take full ownership of the tasked assignment. We will assist you to secure the highest possible trade limit to facilitate your growth requirement, negotiate the cheapest source of financing for you, with the lowest possible collateral required.

Transaction Experience

Some of the recent transactions we have been involved in include:

  • Successfully implemented a SGD 2.5 million trade facility, with unsecured overdraft at a $1.5 million limit at interest rate of only less than 2%, for a local main construction company,
  • Successfully implemented a SGD 5.5 million trade facility with complex underlying collateral, for a ship building company.
  • Successfully implemented a SGD 1.5 million trade facility without collateral, for a electrical trading company.

Next steps
Enjoy the benefits of this hassle-free financing solution with Master Tactic and discover a world of opportunities for your business. To get started, contact our Trade Specialist Team at +6596353366 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.