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We have more than 15 years experience in assiting our clients to create strong corporate brand indentity.

Successful organizations build strong brands! A strong brand is crucial for improving sales, strengthening the customer base and loyalty, and enhancing business performance. And in today’s world of endless choices, companies must offer distinct value propositions to convince sophisticated brand savvy customers!

In today marketplace, it will no longer a "want" to create a strong brand indentity for your corporate image. It becomes a "Need" in order to further differentiate our brand amongst our competitors.

Due to the effect of globalization, today, customers are constantly expose to countless brand advertising, marketing activities, sales campaign (either in the form of traditional media or digital media), the competition to reach our potential customers is at extremely tough.

Branding is not just having a nice website, nicely designed corporate brochure, it is more than that. A good corporate branding enables your brand to stand out from the crowd:

1. An outstanding brand will form part of company "Intangible Asset", enable the company to boost its competitive advantage and significantly increase its corporate value.

2. An outstanding brand is a sure way in order to bring the product to "premium and prestige" status, without the support from a strong branding, a product can only be marketed by its basic function. 

An outstanding brand will encourage your customers to pay for the intangible benefits they get from associating themselves with a brand that makes them appear cool, fashionable, clever! This is especially important if the tangible benefits are easily copied. For example, fashion apparel, etc.

Remember, number one rule of Premium Pricing Strategy = Product Benefits + Branding!

Why? Because product features can be copied. Products Benefits can be copied. The only thing that your competitor can not replicate, is your brand.

That's the reason you are willing to spend more for a Rolex Watch right? Or you are willing to spend your precious time to watch a film "directed by Oscar winning Director".. Or you rather pay more to take "The best Airline in the Word - Singapore Airline" rather than choosing some 'XXX Airline", although they are cheaper. Most of us prefer a endorsed, award winning products, service provider.

3. An oustanding brand with excellent reputation will definitely increase your sales without hard selling.

Have you ever wonder why Social Media is so important now in business world? Have you ever wonder why all big brands are spending millions of dollars every year on Facebook/ Twitter and other social media to engage with their followers?

Do you know why all big brands work with Public Relations company to have their story publicized in the magazines/ newspaper etc?

The answer is changing consumer behavior.

Now its getting more challenging to "Sell" your products to your customers. Customers nowadays don't like to be shouted at them what to buy.

You need to apply a more subtle way of marketing, and completes a brand’s overall campaign strategy. It allows your brand to communicate with your customers without shouting at them to buy what you are selling!

Look at how Apple did this! Almost all customers walk into Apple Shop to buy Apple products. Have you ever sold something by Apple Salesman? Almost all customers walk into Apple shop, already knowing what to buy and before they even touch the phone, the already know how the phone will function, whats the benefits to them after buying. Obviously Steve Job did a fantastic job. But Steve Jobs alone will not be able to achieve this. The whole strategic team of Apple created this.

There are many ways to achieve that. One of the most effectie way of advertising/ marketing your services and products is create a strong brand!

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