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Perhaps the toughest decision you have to make is choosing your right partner in your personal or business finance. Simply because it is crucial to your success. We are here not merely to make profit, but to assist you to meet your financial and strategic goals. At Master Tactic, we place our client's need above all.

Very often you might be disappointed by frequent rotation of your relationship managers. You treasure long term business relationship. So do we. At Master Tactic, we recognize the importance of long term relationship to you. If all goes well, our partnership will go a long way. So your choice is an important one. In choosing your financing solutions, pricing plays an important role, but the relationship should be the ultimate consideration.

At Master Tactic, we truly understand your needs. Not only do we provide you with lightning-fast turnaround and highly competitive rates and competent solutions, we aim to become your partner, guiding you through options and choices.

But how do I know which financing program is right for me?
We will help you to achieve the best financing option.Personal and business finance provides an array of money saving options.In order to achieve the best possible option could be complicated. Just like how a lawyer helps you with legal advice, Master Tactic helps you achieve the best financing options possible, atthe most competitive financing rates available.

What if I shop on my own?
Definitely you can. While you can go and shop over 60 Banks/Financial Institutions/Leasing Companies on your own, how can you be sure that you have the best offer with most suitable financing option for yourself? How much time you require to achieve that aim? And most importantly, what are the consequences of having your credit bureau report pulled so many times by these banks and financial institutions?

We are not just middlemen. We are consultants. This means that each of our clients’ needs is accessed individually and we will give you our professional advice on what is the most suitable strategy to adopt.

Benefit from our experience. We know your needs and helping you stay competitive is our utmost priority. Our job is to help you achieve the best business financing. We will match you up with the most appropriate lenders in our network and find the lowest rate for you. We will work hard for you!


  • We provide lower financing rates.
  • We match our clients to the right lender.
  • We know which lenders are being the most aggressive right now.
  • We have the economics of scale to achieve the best possible finance options for you.
  • We are committed to help you save money, time, energy and resources! That is our aim.


Our Expertise

  • Property Loan
    Property Loan

    At Master Tactic, we have deep expertise in sourcing and structuring the best deal for your property loan requirement. Being a new purchase, refinancing your existing mortgage loan or thinking of unlock the additional equity from the increased value of your property, we are here to assist you.

  • Factoring and Receivable Finance
    Factoring and Receivable Finance

    In today’s competitive business environment, companies can be under great pressure to increase sales and profitability. For many firms, selling in an international market place is the ultimate challenge. While the rewards can be substantial, success can also bring its share of problems.

  • International Trade Finance
    International Trade Finance

    In the era of globalization, companies capitalize on the flatter world to expand their business network. With the proliferation of information technologies, logistics and supply chains services, companies are able to gain access to worldwide supplies of goods and services, and take advantage of various competitive advantages.

  • Working Capital Financing
    Working Capital Financing

    At Master Tactic, we understand the importance of working capital to you. To us, it is not just a measurement of the operating liquidity available for a company to use in developing and growing its business, it also allows companies to grow smoothly and make necessary improvement to their operations.

  • Equipment Finance
    Equipment Finance

    At Master Tactic, we are the ideal partner if your business requires an additional investment in terms of additional equipment. Upgrading of your production facilities often results in an increased investment return. We can help you to source for best possible hire purchase facility, on a high loan quantum, with lowest possible interest rate spread.

  • Vehicle Financing
    Vehicle Financing

    Whether you are thinking of investing on a new commercial vehicle or a fleet of commercial vehicles to keep your business moving smoothly, or if you are car dealer, looking to structure block discounting/floor stock financing, we are here to assist you in your requirement.

  • Vessel & Ship Financing
    Vessel & Ship Financing

    Singapore is both a global shipping hub and an Asian banking centre. At Master Tactic, we understand that marine industry is an ever changing industry. Conserving your working capital for business expenses and investments is crucial.

  • Business Brokerage
    Business Brokerage

    At Master Tactic, our consultants are ready to assist you in your business search. We act as intermediaries between interested buyers and sellers of businesses, and work in assisting all parties to complete the deal.