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Property Loan

At Master Tactic, we have deep expertise in sourcing and structuring the best deal for your property loan requirement. Being a new purchase, refinancing your existing mortgage loan or thinking of unlock the additional equity from the increased value of your property, we are here to assist you.

Over the years, we have successfully assisted thousands of clients to structure their loan requirement. Whether you are thinking to purchase your property for own stay, for investment purpose, for your business use, or even buying a parcel of land and develop into your desired house, you will not regret talking to us before hand.


- HDB Property Loans
- Private Residential Loans
- Commercial Property Loans
- Industrial Property Loans
- JTC Property Loans
- Overseas Property Loans
- Land Loans
- Construction Loans
- Addition and Alteration Loans
- Renovation Loans

Key difference between Master Tactic’s approach vis-à-vis others:

Deep knowledge of market trends – Perhaps, one of the most time consuming step in property loan application is finding out the best possible market rate and the near future trend. We are here to help you by offering one stop solution. Engage us, we will provide you with the best market rate and advise you the near future interest trend. While decision still lies in you, we are here to help you make the decision in the most wise, precise and time-saving method.

Cost Savings – We understand how might banking system works against you. As your representative, we will stand by your side and negotiate on your behalf. At Master Tactic, we have the network of resources, and most importantly, we have the economics of scale to help you achieve the lowest possible cost of finance. We have the volume and all you need to do is to ride with us to enjoy the benefits at no additional cost to you.

Superior credit understanding – Ever wonder what do all the banking jargons mean to you? Every one of us has unique and individual perception of issues surrounding us. Very frequently, it is very hard to explain your scenario to the potential financier and hope that they will grant a loan. We will help you to bridge one of the toughest issues when exploring the possibilities of securing a property loan –credit issues. Leave the job to our consultants as they are experts in this field. We will help you to talk to the potential financiers in “their language”. We will assist you in mitigating the risks they might perceive in their eyes, and turn those risks into opportunities.

Transaction Experience

Some of the recent transactions we have been involved in include:

  • Successfully assisted a small scale developer for their land and construction loan (Development loan) requirement. Through Master Tactic, the finan cier has agreed to lower down their interest by as much as 0.78% p.a. This in turn helped the client saved 5 figure per year.
  • Successfully assisted a client in his industrial property investment venture. Managed to negotiate first of the kind “property investment facility for $5million”, which he can utilize the facility to purchase and without hassle, get a property loan for his multiple property investment.
  • Assisted a local furniture manufacturer in their investment activities. Successfully negotiated “special terms” on remaining property lease upon their loan maturity, which resulted an increased investment return to the investor.

Next steps
Enjoy the benefits of this hassle-free financing solution with Master Tactic and discover a world of opportunities for you or your business.
To get started, contact our Mortgage Specialist Team at +6596353366 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.