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Business Brokerage

At Master Tactic, our consultants are ready to assist you in your business search. We act as intermediaries between interested buyers and sellers of businesses, and work in assisting all parties to complete the deal.

If you are serious about buying or selling a business, and especially if you have never bought one before, engage Master Tactic now to act for you. We will provide you with right information, unbiased and expert advice to make the right decision.

Throughout the years, we have successfully completed transactions which resulted in satisfied parties, being business sellers and buyers.

Key differences between Master Tactic’s approach vis-à-vis others:

Risk Based Approach - At Master Tactic, many of our consultants are trained risk management specialist. So what is it to do with your selling and buying of business? By identifying potential risks in the business, it helps to gain trust between both parties. Presented in a simple format, both sellers and buyers will be able to have a clear understanding of what lies beneath the business. It is also the ultimate test for any businesses which are for sale, to determine quickly whether or not it is worth pursuing. The ultimate aim, to prove to both parties, is it a good business? Not just by talking, it will be done based on risk analysis.

Scientific Approach - At Master Tactic, we pride ourselves to be professional consultants, rather than the usual 'brokers" that you will find on the street. Very often, many interested buyers are skeptical towards purchasing any business simply because they believe good business would not be sold away. And only "bad business" is available for sale.

At Master Tactic, we are here to bridge the gap by assisting both parties to verify the company financials. As intermediaries, we will help you to verify all financials to ensure that they are true and accurate, to uncover any problems and to see if the sellers have falsified the business.

Furthermore, by engaging us, you are free from overpaying a business. You do not need to guess any more, simply because we are here to assist you to interpret the company financial statements. If you are interested sellers or buyers, failure to effectively read balance sheets and income statements only serve you disadvantage. At Master Tactic, we have developed proven ways to accurately value any business for sale. Not just one method, but several methods to evaluate the true value of business. From scientific method such as cash flow analysis to non financial consideration, we will take all these into consideration in order to derive the most fair asking and offer price for both parties.

Negotiating the deal and making an offer - At Master Tactic, we will prepare you to effectively negotiate every small details of the deal. We will assist you to hire the most competent lawyer and accountant, to carve the right sale and purchase contract. We are here to ensure that both parties’ benefits are protected. Every small details such as "sale and purchase checklist" and 'what to include" in the sale and purchase contract will be provided. Unlike property transaction, which involve only tangible asset, business transactions involves both tangible and intangible asset. Therefore, you need to ensure you are completely protected from future decline in business or purchasing bad inventory or equipment or any other 'hidden" liabilities that will surely come back to haunt you if you don't protect yourself properly.

Post Purchase - Upon successful business transaction, the first few months horizon is crucial for both parties. For sellers, the last thing you would want to expect is lots of unnecessary complications, and for business buyers, you must have a business plan to operate the business. At Master Tactic, you will have us to assist you even after successful business transaction. We will help you to ensure what you should gain from the sellers in the process of training, and make sure you still have their support if necessary in the future. Perhaps you have different vision as compared to the previous owners, we will guide you to convey your message effectively across.

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Enjoy the benefits of this hassle-free financing solution with Master Tactic and discover a world of opportunities for you or your business.
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